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  • Maine City Nears Decision on Proposed Auto Shredder

    Posted on March 3rd, 2011 admin No comments

    *** Update*** The Planning Board unanimously approved the conditional use permit for Berwick Iron & Metal. The permit imposes 11 conditions that the company must meet before the shredder can be operated. Several conditions include the following: the facility obtaining a solid waste processing license from the state of Maine; the inclusion of signs near the facility instructing truck drivers to no stop to prevent traffic backups; and the inclusion of an entrance modification permit from the Maine Department of Transportation.l The Berwick, Maine, Planning Board is slated to hold a meeting March 3 to decide whether or not to grant a conditional use permit to Berwick Iron & Metal to operate an auto shredder at its scrap metal site at its facility in the city

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    Maine City Nears Decision on Proposed Auto Shredder

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