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MicroShred, LLC are specialists in providing mobile shredding services for Miami and South Florida. Our shredding company handles everything from small personal shredding services to large corporate document destruction services.

We provide certified on-site shredding services and confidentially destroy all personal and/or business information under your supervision with our mobile shredding trucks. A certificate of destruction is provided upon completion.

Services include: scheduled shredding visits, annual purges, off-site document destruction, commercial non-paper shredding, computer hard drive destruction / disposal, medical record, legal document, and financial paper shredding.

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  • Demand for confidential shredding is at an all time high - fear of identity theft and new rules and regulations require everyone to properly dispose of sensitive information.

    Ever since 1988 when the Supreme Court ruled that trash is public domain, simply tearing up and throwing away important documentation is not enough. Executive memos, pricing, product designs, personnel data, credit reports, canceled checks, financial statements, medical and client records are but a few of the sensitive types of documentation that should be securely shredded.

    All individuals / businesses suffer potential exposure due to the need to discard sensitive information and confidential records. The only means of minimizing this exposure is to make sure data is safely collected and destroyed by a secure document shredding service.

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    Mobile On-Site Shredding

    Mobile Shredding and Document Destruction Company Miami, FLThis on-site secure shredding service is provided for all businesses and individuals. MicroShred’s mobile shredding trucks come to any location in Miami - whether it is one or multiple business addresses, at a self storage facility, or at a residential or home address.

    All of our shredding services are performed by our document destruction specialists, who are thoroughly background checked and carefully screened for the security and safety of our clients and their confidential information. A certificate of destruction is given to clients after each service visit. It reflects the date and the amount of shredding done, and also serves as proof that the sensitive information was destroyed beyond reconstruction and disposed of securely. All the recyclable paper shreds are then taken to a recycling center to be turned into new material.

    Scheduled Shredding Visits

    On-Site Scheduled Paper Shredding Services Miami, FLNeed a mobile paper shredding truck on-site for a quarterly, monthly or weekly pickup? Our scheduled on-site service is designed for clients who regularly generate sensitive documents that need to be destroyed securely. For the client’s convenience and security, MicroShred provides a variety of sizes and types of free lockable bins to fit your specific needs. Once the bins are placed at the client’s facility(s), a regular schedule is determined of how often the bins need to be emptied.

    Service visit frequencies are normally set by weeks such as every 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks. A MicroShred mobile shredding truck will then automatically appear at the client’s site on the pre-scheduled dates to service the bins and completely destroy their content by a cross cut shredder system that can be witnessed.

    Hard Drive Disposal & Recycling

    Computer Hard Drive Disposal & RecyclingMicroShred’s shredding trucks are equipped with two independent powerful shredders, one for paper shredding and the other specifically designed to destroy computer hard drives and related media.

    The shreds created by the two shredders are kept uncontaminated by one another in separate compartments for recycling purposes. This allows both paper and hard drives to be shredded on-site and on the same service stop, so clients can witness the destruction of both.

    MicroShred’s hard drive disposal system satisfies clients’ growing demand for the following:

    • Total physical destruction of hard drives into bits (rather than just punching a hole in them or attempting to magnetically erase their sensitive information.)
    • The utmost guaranty that matters - visualizing the destruction on-site.
    • Environmentally friendly process - all shredded materials are recycled.

    Secure Off-Site Data Destruction

    Off-Site Data Destruction and Confidential Paper Shredder South FloridaWhile our core business is mobile / on-site document destruction, we provide secure off-site data destruction at no extra charge when a client requests it. MicroShred’s customer service representatives will come to your location to collect the material you designated for destruction and safely load it onto our secure transporting vehicle.

    The material is then transported directly to our secure shredding facility in Miami and is destroyed immediately upon arrival. You're welcome to witness your sensitive documents being shredded beyond practicable reconstruction at our facility.

    Records Management & Document Storage

    Records Management South FloridaMicroShred provides secure document and digital storage to all our clients.

    Self managing your records takes valuable time that does not profit your company and creates unnecessary delays. Let us customize a records management record solution that best fits your company's needs.

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    Confidential Shredder Blog

    The Almighty Certificate of Destruction
    In the professional shredding industry, there is a document known as the Certificate of Destruction which is given to customers utilizing shredding companies as proof that documents have been destroyed. While these COD’s are used by virtually all shredding companies, the similarities end there...

    Hard Drive Destruction for Biz Security
    There comes a time for any business interested in staying current to upgrade hardware around the office. Oftentimes this means moving data from one hard drive to another, leaving motherboards and towers rendered obsolete. One might think all that needs to be done is to simply erase all folders and files from the drive, then click on the trash icon to wipe out. Private information gone forever and the company is safe, right? Not necessarily...

    The History of Paper Shredding
    The shredding benefits of paper are used widely by different government organizations, business/private enterprises and even individuals. Shredding has become one of the best ways to destroy private papers like credit card bills, bank statements and other private or sensitive documents that are confidential. Shredding of these documents also helps in reducing the risks of identity thefts...

    NAID Code of Ethics
    Members shall not by any means engage in, nor allow the use of, statements that are false, misleading, incomplete, or likely to mislead consumers or members of the public. Members shall respect the confidential nature of the customers’ records and shall maintain appropriate protection to prevent any disclosure of such information except when required by law. Members shall uphold and improve the integrity of the industry by affirmations of truth, fairness and professional conduct. Members shall not consider or represent general office paper recycling as a form of destruction...

    Discarded Records Should Be Protected
    Without a program to control it, the daily trash of every business contains sensitive information that could be harmful. This information is especially useful to competitors because it contains the details of current activities. Discarded daily records include phone messages, memos, misprinted forms, drafts of bids and drafts of correspondence...

    Secure and Convenient

    Our services can be personalized to fit your company's needs. Whether you need a document destruction service on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis - you tell us how often, we'll be there.

    Green Company - We Recycle

    Recycling paper has substantial benefits on our eco-system and it is so easy to do! MicroShred utilizes an environmentally friendly method to dispose of highly confidential documents and other materials.

    Data Destruction Bins

    We provide FREE locked security containers which are individually
    keyed for each document shredding client.