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  • World Recycling Forum: The Drive Ahead

    Posted on November 22nd, 2011 admin No comments

    When oil prices spiked, some futurists predicted hybrid and electric vehicles would soon skyrocket in market share. While some hybrid models have met sales expectations, the appetite for electric vehicles remains limited, according to Anja Tomazic of Germany-based Adam Opel AG, a unit of General Motors. Speaking during a session of the World Recycling Forum, held in Hong Kong in mid-November, Tomazic said of electric-only vehicles, “We don’t see 20 percent market penetration in 2020; I don’t think we’re getting ahead of slow single-digit [percentage] growth figures.” She added, “Electric vehicles are still viewed as expensive.” As of 2011, automated technology to disassemble or recycle the lithium ion batteries that power the Opel Ampera and Insignia (or Chevrolet Volt in the United States) “is not necessary,” said Tomazic, because of the limited presence of the batteries at dismantling and auto salvage yards.

    World Recycling Forum: The Drive Ahead