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Pompano Beach Florida Shredding Services

Pompano Beach Shredding Services

Secure Mobile On-Site / Off-Site Document Shredding Company

MicroShred is a leader in providing mobile shredding services in Pompano Beach, FL. From small personal shredding services to large corporate document destruction, we come to you at your location, and confidentially destroy all personal / business information under your supervision. Our services include scheduled shredding, annual shredding, off-site document destruction, commercial non-paper shredding, medical record, legal document, and financial paper shredding. Demand for confidential shredding is at an all time high - fear of identity theft and new rules and regulations require businesses to properly dispose of sensitive information. The quickest and best way to maintain your secure identity would be to shred documents promptly and professionally. Protect yourself from risky business in Pompano Beach!

Pompano Beach, Florida Shredding Services

Pompano Beach On-Site Scheduled Route Service -
Daily, weekly and monthly scheduled paper / commercial shredding services are available. With this program, several sizes of stylish and office friendly shred bins are provided at no charge to easily store, lock and secure all sensitive materials designated for shredding.

Pompano Beach Off-Site Shredding Service -
While our core business is mobile / on-site document destruction, we will provide off-site shredding services at no extra charge when a client requests it.

Pompano Beach Occasional Purge / Annual Shredding Service -
For those requiring annual, one-time or occasional shredding services, we offer a specially priced purge program in the South Florida area.

Pompano Beach Excess or Rejected Inventory -
We can protect your South Florida company from possible theft by destroying inventory that is overstocked, damaged or outdated. Products such as uniforms, labels, CD's, plastic ID cards, etc can be easily destroyed.

Pompano Beach Financial Record Shredder -
MicroShred can handle all your financial record shredding needs. Utilizing truck-mounted powerful industrial shredders, we provide a secure, convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method to dispose of highly confidential documents and other materials.

Pompano Beach Hard Drive Destruction -
MicroShred’s shredding trucks are equipped with two independent powerful shredders, one for paper shredding and the other specifically designed to destroy computer hard drives and related media. The shreds created by the two shredders are kept uncontaminated by one another in separate compartments for recycling purposes. This fact allows both paper and hard drives to be shredded on-site and on the same service stop, so clients can witness the destruction of both.

Pompano Beach Medical Record Shredder -
Did you know that medical records are one of the primary targets for identity thieves? Thieves can steal your identity to get health services or insurance under your name. And just like your credit history, it's important to keep track of your medical records, shredding any copies of them the second you're done.

Pompano Beach Legal Document Shredder -
It’s a well-established fact that attorneys who deal with their clients' financial activities fall under the mandated provisions of the Financial Modernization Act of 1999 – better known as the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, or GLB. If your practice menu includes real estate closings, financial planning, or estate planning – or if you represent a client in any other financial area – you fall under GLB guidelines.

Directions To South Florida's Document Shredder
From Pompano Beach

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These directions are from Mapquest starting from:
Pompano Beach Police Department
100 Sw 3rd St. Pompano Beach, FL 33060

Total Est. Time : 27 minutes
Total Est. Distance : 22.31 miles

  1. Start out going WEST on SW 3RD ST toward S DIXIE HWY E / OLD DIXIE HWY / FL-811 N. 0.1 miles
  2. Turn RIGHT onto S DIXIE HWY E / OLD DIXIE HWY / FL-811 N. 0.3 miles
  3. Turn LEFT onto W ATLANTIC BLVD / FL-814 W. 0.7 miles
  4. Merge onto I-95 S via the ramp on the LEFT toward MIAMI. 18.8 miles
  5. Merge onto IVES DAIRY RD / FL-854 W via EXIT 16. 1.6 miles
  6. Turn LEFT onto NE 10TH AVE / NE 10TH AVE RD. Continue to follow NE 10TH AVE. 0.5 mi.
  7. NE 10TH AVE becomes NE 195TH ST / CALIFORNIA DR. <0.1 miles
  8. Turn LEFT onto NE 10TH AVE. <0.1 miles
  9. End at 19593 Ne 10th Ave Miami, FL 33179-3577, US
South Florida Document Shredder From Pompano Beach