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Secure Document Shredding


  1. Shredding Protects You From Identity Theft And Fraud
    Shredding isn’t just an easy way to make unwanted paper take up less space, it’s a big help in protecting yourself from one of today’s most invasive crimes- identity theft. It is one of the fastest growing types of fraud. Identity theft is much more than the misuse of a social security number - it can also include credit card and mail fraud. "Bin raiders" are taking advantage of carelessness and the relaxed “that’ll never happen to me” attitude. It’s as simple as this… Thieves can’t steal what they can’t read!

  2. Shredding Keeps Your Business Materials Confidential
    When it comes to the confidential matters of your company, you can never be too safe. Every business owner should take every precaution possible to ensure all confidential materials are totally destroyed to minimize the chance of a security breach or corporate espionage.

  3. Shredding Helps The Environment
    Recycling paper has substantial benefits on our eco-system and it is so easy to do! MicroShred utilizes an environmentally friendly disposal method of highly confidential papers and other materials. You will receive an easy to read invoice and a quarterly statement of how many trees you have saved by participating in our recycling program.