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Shredding Benefits

The Benefits of Using a Shredding Company

Individuals and businesses alike have fallen victim to identity theft and scams because they did not take great care in the way they destroy confidential paperwork. Be on top of your information and how it is discarded! Our document shredding services give company owners and customers peace of mind knowing their information has been destroyed the right way.

Here's how MicroShred, LLC can help you:

Convenience - Avoid the responsibility, expense and clutter of buying, maintaining and operating your own shredding equipment. Our service can be personalized to fit your needs. Whether you need a document shredding service on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis - you tell us how often, and we'll be there.

We Come To You - All material is shredded on-site, where our customers can watch if they wish. Shredding is done inside our trucks with state-of-the-art "shear shredders" that for total security, render material impossible to reconstruct.

Affordable Costs - Utilizing a shredding service is only pennies per pound. Charges are by the frequency that the containers are serviced or by the time the service takes, whichever method is more cost effective to you.

Free Storage Containers - We provide free, locked security containers which are individually keyed for each client. They are equiped with a one-way slot to conveniently store and secure documents designated for shredding. Our personnel empties the containers, destroys the content in our commercial shredding trucks at your location, and takes the shredded paper to be recycled. No sorting is necessary.

Proof - A Certificate of Destruction, at no additional cost is provided with every service.

Professional Staff - We use bonded service personnel to handle your confidential data.

Free Estimates and a 30 Day Free Trial for qualified companies.