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Shredding FAQ

Secure Document Shredding FAQ

Do I really need to shred all of my bills, bank statements, and junkmail credit card offers?

Absolutely! In more than half of the ten million cases of identity theft reported annually, the victims knew the thieves. All someone needs is access to an account number to go on a shopping spree, free of charge. Thieves also love "Dumpster Diving," which is actually legal. If you don't shred, anyone can grab your private information.

MicroShred uses trucks with state-of-the-art "shear shredders" that for total security, render material impossible to reconstruct. Shredded material is automatically compacted and transported to paper recycling facilities, so you can rest assure that your confidential data is safe and disposed of the right way.

Whether you need a document shredding service on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis - you tell us how often, we'll be there.