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  • Why Shred Your Documents?

    Posted on January 12th, 2011 admin No comments

    7 Reasons Why Document Destruction Is Important

    Document destruction can be a:

    • Legal requirement
    • The best way to assure the confidentiality of important information
    • An important part of employee relations
    • A vital way to protect yourself against competitors
    • A way to avoid potential lawsuits
    • A secure way to clear cramped office space, and file cabinets

    Legal Requirements

    Over 40 federal laws mandate that all businesses, healthcare facilities and financial institutions protect the confidential information of their customers, clients and patients, and document destruction can be at the center of that obligation. If you fail to protect confidential information it can expose your organization to severe fines, bad publicity and lost business. MicroShred can help you navigate these complex laws.

    Confidentiality of Sensitive Information

    Even if there is no legal requirement to destroy a document, there may be many practical reasons to do so. What damage can be done to your business or organization if a document falls into the wrong hands? What happens if a competitor finds your recent price quote? If an employee finds company payroll information? What if a stranger finds a credit card statement? Destroying documents is smart business, smart management, and eliminates one more thing to worry about.

    Employee Relations

    Payroll information, performance reviews, and everyday communication with employees is just some of the information that could unsettle your business or organization if viewed by the wrong people. The issue can become more pressing knowing employees can be the ones seeking this information. A secure document shredding program can minimize these issues. The best solution is to use an outside shredding company like MicroShred, whereby third party confirmation provides evidence that shredding has actually occurred.

    Protection Against Competitors

    Finding out pricing information might be the single biggest thing that most businesses would like to know about their competitors. It is also one of the easiest – all it takes is grabbing the right trash from an unprotected dumpster. Please don’t be fooled into thinking that a simple office shredder is all that’s needed, there are plenty of stories about reconstructing documents that have been put through low cost office supply store shredders. The best protection is by using a professional document destruction company like MicroShred.

    A Way To Avoid Lawsuits

    Even if a document doesn’t legally have to be shredded, doesn’t mean it can’t cause you legal problems if it falls into the wrong hands. Document destruction is the best way to assure protection against the unforeseeable consequences of having information disclosed to the wrong person or organization. You can’t imagine all the different ways a single document can harm your company – so eliminate the possibility by having your documents professionally and securely destroyed by having a “AAA” NAID certified company handle all your document destruction needs.

    A Secure Way To Clear Office Space

    Expensive office space, and file cabinets can slowly be filled up by old documents. One reason we are reluctant to throw things away is we don’t know how long to keep them. MicroShred can assist with these questions. The best solution is to call in a professional shredding company like MicroShred for a one-time shredding visit. We will destroy your documents, freeing up expensive office space and valuable file cabinet space. Call us at 1.866.467.4733 to end the nagging problem of removing and destroying old documents, floppy disks, computers, CD’s, DVD’s and more!

    There are many reasons to destroy documents. For more information, please visit our website or call us at 1.866.467.4733 

    We’re happy to answer any of your questions.

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