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  • Georgia DOT Using Recycled Tires in Asphalt

    Posted on October 4th, 2011 admin No comments

    Lehigh Technologies has announced that the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) has laid rubber-modified asphalt (RMA), made from recycled tires, in Bibb County, Ga. The state is expanding on previous studies with RMA, testing the material’s performance versus traditional asphalt materials in “real-world conditions.” Currently, according to Lehigh Technologies, Georgia permits rubber modification in certain asphalt pavement type and jobs. The test is being conducted in collaboration with several Georgia companies: Reeves Construction, a leader in the heavy highway and asphalt paving industry in Georgia; Liberty Tire Recycling, which does the primary processing of the end-of-life tires from Georgia; and Lehigh Technologies, which processes the product from Liberty into sustainable micronized rubber powder (MRP) that is added to the asphalt formulation to be applied by Reeves

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    Georgia DOT Using Recycled Tires in Asphalt