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  • Few patients can define medical ID theft.

    Posted on August 31st, 2012 admin No comments

    Patients can’t be expected to act as partners in detecting medical identity theft if they don’t know what it is.

    A recent survey of insured adults found that few patients know how to define medical ID theft properly. Even those familiar with the term “medical ID theft” were unlikely to define it correctly.

    • 15% are familiar with the term “medical ID theft”
    • 15% are able to define medical ID theft (of those familiar with the term)
    • 19% think it would take less than two weeks to correct medical ID if stolen
    • 22% believe the most likely consequence of medical ID theft is their insurance will be canceled
    • 24% have checked medical records for fraud
    • 32% think it’s likely that their medical identification will be stolen
    • 56% think it’s likely their credit card or credit card number will be stolen

    Source: “Medical ID Theft Study,” Nationwide Insurance, March


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