Commercial Non-Paper Destruction
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Non-Paper Shredder Miami, FLDATA MEDIA SHREDDING

MicroShred's powerful destruction equipment can help protect your company from possible ID theft of sensitive information stored on media such as CDs, DVDs, Backup Magnetic Tapes and Discs, Audio and Video Tapes, Films and Microfiche, Plastic ID Cards, X-Rays, etc.

Computer Hard Drive Shredding - South FloridaCOMPUTER HARD DRIVE SHREDDING

We're capable of shredding your old computer hard drives on-site. Installed on our regular shredding trucks is an additional shredder with its own compartment to separate hard drive shreds from paper shreds so each can be recycled separately without contaminating one another. This way both paper and hard drives can be shredded on the same route, so you can witness the destruction of both. Many clients prefer shredding hard drives rather than just punching a hole in them or magnetically erasing their information.


To help protect your company’s reputation and safety, we can confidentially shred damaged or outdated inventories such as Uniforms, Labeled Clothing, Toys, Pill Bottles and other medical and commercial products of plastics and light metals.

Our shredding services are performed by our destruction specialists, who are stringently background checked and screened for the security and safety of our clients and their confidential information.

A certificate of destruction will be handed to you upon completion of the destruction to serve as a paper trail proof of the date, the amount of shredding done, as well as a confirmation that the sensitive materials were destroyed beyond reconstruction and disposed of securely in the best possible environmentally-friendly manner.

Recyclable material shreds are then taken to a recycling center to be turned into new products, and non-recyclable material shreds are taken to a landfill.


Our Miami, Florida document shredding staff specialists will suggest and arrange the best data destruction method to fit your needs, whether it's for a one-time bulk shredding or for regular scheduled services.

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A Certificate of Destruction, at no additional cost, is provided with every shredding service.

Microshred respects your privacy. While we may collect information about you in the form of website analytics, we only use this information to improve the Microshred experience and no personally identifiable information is collected, other than information you submit through the web-forms on The information is never shared or sold to third-parties. We will not publish, share, or sell your email address in any way. We hate spam just as much as you do and will not spam your email. We may occasionally send you email, either in replying to an email you send to Microshred, or about an occasional update or upcoming event. You will always have the option to opt-out of such email.

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Confidential Shredder Blog

The Almighty Certificate of Destruction
In the professional shredding industry, there is a document known as the Certificate of Destruction which is given to customers utilizing shredding companies as proof that documents have been destroyed. While these COD’s are used by virtually all shredding companies, the similarities end there...

Hard Drive Destruction for Biz Security
There comes a time for any business interested in staying current to upgrade hardware around the office. Oftentimes this means moving data from one hard drive to another, leaving motherboards and towers rendered obsolete. One might think all that needs to be done is to simply erase all folders and files from the drive, then click on the trash icon to wipe out. Private information gone forever and the company is safe, right? Not necessarily...

The History of Paper Shredding
The shredding benefits of paper are used widely by different government organizations, business/private enterprises and even individuals. Shredding has become one of the best ways to destroy private papers like credit card bills, bank statements and other private or sensitive documents that are confidential. Shredding of these documents also helps in reducing the risks of identity thefts...

NAID Code of Ethics
Members shall not by any means engage in, nor allow the use of, statements that are false, misleading, incomplete, or likely to mislead consumers or members of the public. Members shall respect the confidential nature of the customers’ records and shall maintain appropriate protection to prevent any disclosure of such information except when required by law. Members shall uphold and improve the integrity of the industry by affirmations of truth, fairness and professional conduct. Members shall not consider or represent general office paper recycling as a form of destruction...

Discarded Records Should Be Protected
Without a program to control it, the daily trash of every business contains sensitive information that could be harmful. This information is especially useful to competitors because it contains the details of current activities. Discarded daily records include phone messages, memos, misprinted forms, drafts of bids and drafts of correspondence...

Secure and Convenient

Our services can be personalized to fit your company's needs. Whether you need a document destruction service on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis - you tell us how often, we'll be there.

Green Company - We Recycle

Recycling paper has substantial benefits on our eco-system and it is so easy to do! MicroShred utilizes an environmentally friendly method to dispose of highly confidential documents and other materials.

Data Destruction Bins

We provide FREE locked security containers which are individually
keyed for each document shredding client.