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Secure Document Shredding : How It Will Save Your Bottom Line

When it comes to the confidential matters of your company, you can never be too safe. Every business owner should take every precaution possible to ensure all confidential materials are totally destroyed to minimize the chance of a security breach.

What Will A Security Breach Do To My Company?

Nothing good. If you don’t have a secure document shredding system, you’re putting your company at a great risk. Confidential information in the wrong hands will cost you in more than one way. You and your clients are both at risk. As far as your company goes, what if someone gets a hold of your old bank statements? Before you know it, they’ve depleted your company’s bank accounts, your checks bounce-causing your company embarrassment in the corporate world. It can hurt your relationships with your venders making it difficult for you to continue to purchase goods and services from them, and all around give your company a black eye.

And that’s just one side of the coin! Companies who suffer a breach in security lose customers. It’s a fact. If someone can gain unauthorized access to your confidential information, then your client base may see that as a lack of care to detail on your part. They will often lose confidence in you and your ability to keep their information safe. For example, let’s say a client buys a product from a retailer, they provide that retailer with their full name, address, and credit card information for delivery and billing purposes. Now let’s say that retailer isn’t using a secure document shredding process to safely destroy the client’s confidential information. Because of this, the client’s data gets stolen and is used to steal their identity and cause them great money loss, stress, and aggravation. The client will in turn blame the retailer, seeing as they are in fact the ones who were careless with the information, and they will probably never use that company again. Now that’s just one client, what if it happened to hundreds?

Believe it or not, client loss isn’t even the worse that can happen. Some people who suffer financial loss or insecurity because of a company will be happy to come right back at them with a lawsuit. 23 to 50 million Americans have received notification of some form of data security breach, 5% of them have hired lawyers, that’s well over a million people that are seeking legal action against companies. Is that a risk you can afford to take?

What Can I Do To Avoid A Security Breach?

Luckily, all this tragedy can easily be avoided putting both you and your clients at ease. The answer is simple- a professional, experienced, and most importantly, secure document shredding service can render all your confidential data 100% unreadable. Regular shredders that simply cut papers into stripes don’t do the job; those pieces can be put back together and read! Even machines that dice and cube your documents aren’t totally safe. Amazingly enough, someone with enough determination can puzzle those tiny pieces back together and all you’re left with is a false sense of security. What you need is a company who can safely and securely destroy all that confidential data and recycle it for you too! MicroShred can destroy more than just paper! If you’ve saved a lot of confidential data onto a hard drive that you will no longer be using, simply deleting or formatting the job isn’t safe. That information can still be extracted!

So What Does This All Mean?

Simply put, it means that you can never be too safe. Using a secure shredding service should be a normal part of your company’s operation. It’s a risk no company running today can afford to take. Companies large and small should take this seriously: the larger the company, the more information there is to be stolen; the more money you make, the more likely you’ll be targeted; the smaller you are, the less clients you can afford to lose.

Take action before any damage is done. Using MicroShred as your professional, experienced shredding service will protect your bottom line! It’s as easy as that!

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