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Medical Records, Identity Theft, and the Proper Disposal

Identity theft is an all too common problem in the Internet age. With the growth of online shopping and buying, all it takes is for someone to find your credit card number and purchase products from websites with complete anonymity. It’s important to keep your private information private and out of reach of identity thieves.

But your credit card isn’t the only thing that can fall victim to identity theft. Medical records with your health insurance information listed can be used by identity thieves to receive health services under your name. Though congress passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act in 1996, encouraging the transactions of health services to be performed electronically, hard-copy records can still be received. And if they are not disposed of properly, anyone can get their hands on them.

This is why it is good idea to implement shredding services when you no longer need your medical records. These services will properly and confidentially destroy any medical records you have, allowing you to dispose of them without having to worry about them getting into the wrong hands.

When choosing a shredding service, make sure that it is one you can trust. Have the employees undergone background checks? Work with a service that can come to you, allowing you to supervise the destruction of your documents to your satisfaction and confirm that everything was done correctly. And to be sure your shredded documents are being used in a practical and environmental manner, choose a shredding service that recycles the papers you’ve shredded.

It is important to keep yourself safe from identity theft, but it’s also important that if you need help, you do it with a company you trust. A reliable shredding service can be one you keep going back to, developing a strong and secure relationship. So choose wisely.

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NAID Code of Ethics
Members shall not by any means engage in, nor allow the use of, statements that are false, misleading, incomplete, or likely to mislead consumers or members of the public. Members shall respect the confidential nature of the customers’ records and shall maintain appropriate protection to prevent any disclosure of such information except when required by law. Members shall uphold and improve the integrity of the industry by affirmations of truth, fairness and professional conduct. Members shall not consider or represent general office paper recycling as a form of destruction...

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