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  • Medical Records Sold As Scrap Paper

    Posted on October 2nd, 2008 NewSunSEO No comments

    Who needs hacking or phishing skills to commit identity theft when paper-based medical records of active patients — including all manner of personally identifiable information — wind up for sale as scrap paper?

    From the Associated Press:

    The medical records of 28 Central Florida Regional Hospital patients were sold last month at a Salt Lake City surplus store for about $20, a newspaper reported.

    The records were sold to a local school teacher looking for scrap paper for her fourth-grade class, The Deseret Morning News of Salt Lake City reported Monday.

    The hospital, which had sent the records out as part of an audit, and the shipping company — UPS — blame a mix-up of some undetermined origin. The hospital promises to do better; UPS is, well, UPS.

    I read this story having just returned from a checkup with my own physician, who over the 25-plus years of treating my never-ending list of ailments has chronicled every detail in a manila folder. He’s no Luddite; just hasn’t converted. Sit next to his office assistant in the waiting room and you can see a huge horizontal filing cabinet containing hundreds of similar folders.

    In other words, the security of my medical records is only as good as good as the attentiveness of the office assistant and the lock on my doc’s office door.

    He’s a fabulous doctor and she’s helped me countless times over the years, so I accept the risk. And I’d probably forgive and forget should the worst happen.

    Central Florida Regional Hospital, however, may not be so lucky.

    “I’m aghast,” said Marcy Lippincott, whose father’s records were among those sold, according to AP. “I’m wondering who to sue. It’s a complete invasion of privacy. It’s appalling to think your records can be out there somewhere like that.”

    Everyone should be aghast, of course, and everyone whose privacy is compromised so recklessly should have a child who grows up to be an attorney, such as is this case with Marcy Lippincott and her Dad.

    Something tells me Ms. Lippincott will figure out who to sue in behalf of Mr. Lippincott.


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