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  • Identity Theft Suspect Accused Of Stealing More

    Posted on June 24th, 2008 NewSunSEO 2 comments

    Jocelyn S. Kirsch can’t seem to break the habit.

    Already described as a poster child for identity theft by Philadelphia’s top federal prosecutor, a handcuffed Kirsch ended up in court yesterday after prosecutors said she stole another credit card in California last week.

    She wasn’t charged in the theft, but U.S. Magistrate Judge Lynne A. Sitarski set federal bail at $50,000 and ordered Kirsch, 22, held under house arrest until another court hearing next week.

    Kirsch is expected to plead guilty June 5 in U.S. District Court in Center City to a six-count complaint charging her and boyfriend Edward K. Anderton with using the good names and credit of others to finance a yearlong, $119,000 spending spree. Anderton, 25, a University of Pennsylvania graduate, has a court date Monday and also is expected to plead guilty.

    U.S. Attorney Patrick L. Meehan has said he would seek five-year terms for both.

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Louis Lappen said Kirsch took the credit card of an acquaintance and used it.

    Earlier this month, Meehan called Kirsch and Anderton – dubbed a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde by police – the “poster children for identity theft.”

    No one was immune from their greed, Meehan said. They allegedly preyed on coworkers, neighbors and friends. The list also included another couple from whom the pair took information, first when they were guests and later when they burgled their hosts’ home. Officials said the duo’s elaborate scheme involved at least 16 victims before they were arrested in December.

    Their actions ranged from simply stealing purses at a Center City bar to establishing multiple accounts under different names and wearing disguises to withdraw money from some of those bank accounts, prosecutors said.


    2 responses to “Identity Theft Suspect Accused Of Stealing More”

    1. It takes 12 months, on average, for a victim of identity theft to notice the crime. Identity Theft

    2. There are many ways to protect yourself from identity theft by credit card fraud including shredding pre approved offers, using a service (or going it on your own) like to stop receiving offers, using a locked mail box, and stopping mail when you are going on vacation (but be sure someone will be home on the day they deliver the accumulated mail.

      Lastly, be careful who you have information around, the highest incidents of identity theft occur through someone you know, a relative, or co worker.

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