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  • European PVC Industry Launches 10-Year Sustainability Commitment

    Posted on August 2nd, 2011 admin No comments

    The European PVC industry, through VinylPlus, has released a new set of targets for the sustainable development of PVC plastics through 2020 and has called for European policymakers to help stimulate PVC recycling in Europe. The VinylPlus says the program is built around five commitments: achieving an increase in recycling rates of PVC and the development of innovative recycling technologies; addressing concerns about organochlorine emissions; ensuring the sustainable use of additives; enhancing energy efficiency and the use or renewable energy and raw materials in PVC production; and promoting sustainability throughout the whole PVC value chain. The initiative follows the organization’s Vinyl 2010 ten-year commitment to enhance the sustainable production and use of PVC.

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    European PVC Industry Launches 10-Year Sustainability Commitment

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